Energy Work

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Energy work – working at the psychic level (mind/soul).

Reiki – The learned ability to align and balance the chakras. Working on the mind/body/soul. I further break this down into: mental, emotional, physical and spiritual layers.

Aura reading – Varies from person to person. My ability to read mental thoughts; past, present and future. Preferred methods – elemental balance (earth, air, fire, water) or Chakra reading (7 major Chakras).

Shamanic Journeying – I use this practice to tell people about their spirit guides. Sometimes called; spirit animal, power animal, ancestral guides, elemental guardians, ascended masters. It is my belief we have anywhere from 12 to 15 spirit guides, 5 of which are active at one time. Which ever guides are dominant in our life determine where we are at, as they are us and we are them.