Massage technique I use are: Swedish, Deep Tissue, Active Release Technique and Trigger Point Release.

Swedish Massage – the core of most massage therapy. Involves the use of hands, forearms and elbows while targeting superficial and deep layers of tissue and muscle. The techniques involve gliding and circular movements, kneading, frictions and joint mobilizations.

Deep Tissue massage – Swedish massage stepped up a few notches. Increased pressure targeting muscles, tendons or other soft tissues in a controlled and calculated manner. More practitioner to client feedback is used to enhance the treatment and protect the client. Personally, I really enjoy using Deep Tissue massage.

Active Release Techniques – The application of pressure to a shortened muscle, ligament or tendon which is then elongated through it’s available range of motion. These techniques are normally done with the clients help as they move the muscle through a specified range of motion.

Trigger Point Release – A trigger point is a constricted and tensed part of a muscle or tendon. When a trigger point is found continued pressure is applied to the area for approximately 10 – 30 seconds to help release the contracture of tissue. This can be performed several times to help release tight stubborn tissue, as all trigger points will not release on the first or consecutive attempts.